1.To develop a holistic or comprehensive educational system in Muhammadiyah as the continuation of the education blueprint concept of Muhammadiyah to accomplish excellent education achievements in the future.
2.To draw up the educational excellence roadmap of Muhammadiyah as in the primary, secondary and also the higher education institutions on the various aspects, set human resources mapping and education excellence centers in the midst of high competition.
3.To develop the Islamic and Muhammadiyah study models in all levels of education which provide the enlightenment on Islamic understanding and commitment under the progressive Muhammadiyah movement.
4.To improve the leadership quality and the management, including the financial management, integrated and standardized regulations, IT utilization, quality assurance, and various other aspects.
5.To Intensify the development of Islamic morals, Muhammadiyah ideology, and emphasis on character education at all levels of Muhammadiyah education as a unification of intellectual/intelligence, expertise development, and any other important aspects that demonstrate the excellent quality and characteristics of Muhammadiyah education.
6.To increase, expand and strengthen the cooperation and partnerships in various fields between Muhammadiyah educational institutions, associations, councils, and the government, communities and social institutions both at home and abroad as an effort to improve the education quality.
7.To increase the educational institutions partnership with ASEAN educational institutions in anticipation of the ASEAN Charter and the shift of geopolitical, geo-economics, and geo-socio cultural centers towards China, which are carried out systematically based on the Organization’s policies.
8.To improve and strengthen the role and function of Muhammadiyah education as a cadre center by fostering the Muhammadiyah Student Association (IPM), Hizbul Wathan Scouts (HW), Tapak Suci Putera Muhammadiyah (TS) ‘An autonomous Martial Arts organization in Muhammadiyah’, and the Muhammadiyah College Student Association (IMM) as intra-curricular organizations through development of both intra-curricular and extra-curricular activities which increase the insight and leadership abilities, strengthen the identity of students and college students as cadres of the Organization, people in general and the nation.
9.To improve the professional ability of the educators through the level of education improvement (advanced studies), formal educational training, academic forums management and professional institutions development that allow capability transfer among educators such as Musyawarah Guru Mata Pelajaran (MGMP) ‘Subject Teacher Working Group’, Musyawarah Kerja Kepala Sekolah (MKKS) ‘School Principal Working Group’ and many others.
10.To improve the welfare of educators and education personnel according to Organization consideration and the local educational units based on the performance and meritocratic system by considering the level of living needs in the local community, the loyalty, the length of service, and the creativity and the work professionalism.
11.To develop and strengthen the educational independence of Muhammadiyah through the development and optimization of educational philanthropic traditions, community participation, economic business units and unrestrained cooperation with various parties , both ideologically and politically.
12.To increase the role and function of Muhammadiyah education as a community service institution by opening and expanding the access and opportunities for all people regardless of their ethnicity, nation, religion and social class to obtain meaningful education for the individual, the families and society.
13.To improve information services for the public
14.To optimize the role and function of Muhammadiyah educational institutions as the centers of Islamic da’wah through the efforts to expand and deepen the understanding of Islam,to worship based on the guidance of the Prophet Muhammad, to develop interactions based on noble character and organize an environment that reflects progressive Islamic values.