STIKES Maboro Lecturer: Hungary Doctoral Student Teaches In Two Nations

STIKES Maboro Lecturer, Hungary Doctoral Student Who Teaches In Two Nations

“Currently, I enjoy teaching in two nations at once. Many things I can achieve. To teach and to learn at the same time”. That was the statement from Afriza Umami STrKeb MKM, STIKES Muhammadiyah Bojonegoro (Maboro) who is continuing her doctoral degree in Interdisciplinary Medicine, Department of Public Health, University of Szeged.

Besides being a doctoral student in one of the best campuses in Hungary and Central Europe, Afriza is also active in giving lectures to undergraduate students at the University of Szeged. She teaches the 7th semester students of medical students or the fourth year for Public Health and Preventive Medicine subjects. “I accepted the offer to teach International students of the Department of Public Health Science, the Faculty of Medical Science, the University of Szeged from 2021 to 2022. While in Indonesia (STIKES Maboro), I started to give lectures since I graduated from Master study in Public Health Science, Universitas Sebelas Maret, Surakarta in 2018,” she said as reported in site, Sunday (18/10).

She admitted the language becomes the dominant factor in teaching two nations. “Perhaps the difference is only in language, but the students I teach, both the International and local students, were very active and cooperative,” she said. [] Humas STIKES Maboro / Diktilitbang

UM Pontianak As The Pioneer of Health Promoting University

UM Pontianak As Pioneer of Health Promoting University

UM Pontianak was chosen to be one of the campuses accompanied by Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) in the Health Promoting University (HPU) Program. The program was initiated by the ASEAN University Network (AUN) of the Health Promotion division followed by 23 higher education institutions in various regions all over Indonesia.

The program aimed to recall the national health system to be tough and synergize with various parties, especially the academicians. UGM in collaboration with the Directorate of Health Promotion and Community Empowerment through the Indonesia Health Promoting University Development and Strengthening Program.

Rector of UM Pontianak, Dr. Doddy Irawan, ST, M.Eng explained to readily support the development program of Health Promoting University on campus. “Various programs and approaches for creating a healthy and safe campus, also to empower the academic civitas to be able to achieve the optimal potential. A healthy campus is a basic capital in creating the future leaders,” said Rector of UM Pontianak as reported on its official site, Friday (15/10). [] DIktilitbang

Unismuh Makassar Achieved LLDikti9 Awards

Unismuh Makassar Achieved LLDikti9 Awards

Universitas Muhammadiyah Makassar (Unismuh Makassar) achieved LLDikti9 Awards in last Thursday (15/10). The award certificate was handed over in Claro Makassar Hotel in Appreciation Night for Private Higher Education Institutions Performance held by LLDikti Regional IX Sultan Batara 2021. Unismuh Makassar accomplished four awards, as follows:

  1. The Academic Higher Education of the Highest Research Assistance Funding in National Competition Funding SIMLITABMAS Main Cluster,
  2. The Higher Education Institution with the Largest Number of Professor 2019-2021,
  3. The Academic Higher Education Institutions Nomination with the Highest Migrant Workers Alumni, and
  4. The Academic Higher Education Institutions Nomination with the Best Collaboration Implementation.

Head of LLDikti IX, Prof. Dr. Jasruddin MSi handed over the certificates for Unismuh Makassar. In addition, Vice-Rector I Unismuh Makassar, Dr Ir H Rakhim Nanda ST MT IPM, received the awards of Best Collaboration Implementation and the Highest Research Assistance Funding in National Competition Funding SIMLITABMAS Main Cluster. Meanwhile, Dr. Muhammad Tahir MSi as Vice-Rector III Unismuh Makassar received the Highest Migrant Workers Alumni. Lastly, the Largest Number of Professors from 2019-2021 was received by FKIP Lecturer, Prof. Dr. Eliza Meiyani MSi.

The total of these LLDikti9 Awards were 34 awards. The agenda also presented the Head of APTISI Central Board, Dr Ir H M Budi Djatmiko MSi MEI. Moreover, there were Higher Education Institution leaders from South Sulawesi, West Sulawesi, and Southeast Sulawesi. The Director General of Dikti Kemendikbudristek, Prof Dr Ir Nizam MSc PhD ASEAN Eng. also delivered speech.

UMM Students Created Coffee Bean Roasting Equipment

UMM Students Created Coffee Bean Roasting Equipment

Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) Students Team developed roasting equipment with Thermal Oil Jacket technology named Smart Roaster Coffee Beans Based Microcontroller. The innovation was designed to help the suppliers increase roasted coffee bean production.

The equipment was also included in Student Creativity Program on IPTEK Implementation ‘Program Kreativitas Mahasiswa bidang Penerapan IPTEK’ (PKM-PI) and succeeded to get funding from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology of Higher Education. Bagas, one of the team members, said that the roasting equipment was created from the challenges faced by their business partner. “Several weaknesses we faced was the productivity of the roasting equipment still in the low category according to my (business) partners. Moreover, the time spent to roast the coffee bean is still relatively slow,” he said.

Mechanical Engineering Students also explained the Smart Roaster Coffee Beans Based Microcontroller procedure. “When the equipment is connected to electricity, the heater will automatically heat the oil up inside. The oil works to spread the heat equally to the whole tube and start to roast the beans. The equipment is completed by PT100 temperature sensor to find out when the equipment is ready to roast,” he said as reported on, Thursday (14/10).

The equipment has been operated for a month by Clegoeg Coffee supplier. Bagas explained that their partner was satisfied for the roasting equipment. It is because the equipment increased the roasting production from twice a week to four times a week. “Moreover, after using the equipment, the income increased to 50% from previous incomes. [] UMM / Diktilitbang

UMM Librarian Achieved 1st Place in Indonesian Academic Librarian Award

UMM Librarian Achieved 1st Place in Indonesian Academic Librarian Award

Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) achieved national awards. UMM librarian, Dian Puspitasari, SAP got 1st place in the Indonesian Academic Librarian Award (IALA). The Indonesian Higher Education Institution Library Forum (FPPTI) held the agenda and announced the winners last Monday (11/10).

As reported in Tribun News, Dian Puspitasari, SAP explained that the competition preparation has been conducted for two months. During the time, she was active in writing and scientific work publication. She also attached the suitable articles in the competition, besides the portfolio she previously prepared.

The steps to accomplish 1st place consisted of several selection processes. Previously, the participants of the competition were the best librarian PPTI candidates at the regional level. All participants through the portfolio selection and suitable scientific works. In the process, the committee dropped the candidates to be five finalists. The five finalists headed to the final round, one of them was Dian.

As UMM Librarian, Dian’s article was “Information Literacy Transformation by Assistance Implementation to SINTA Publication in UMM”. She argued that her topic selection was based on the literacy transformation in UMM library on the pandemic, and the significant development of the scientific works. Through the program, she hoped that the students were able to submit scientific publications to SINTA. Also, she wished that she always elaborate on librarianship.

UM Palembang Held Network Infrastructure Training

UM Palembang Held Network Infrastructure Training

Universitas Muhammadiyah Palembang conducted Network Infrastructure Training for the students in supporting Independent Learning Independent Campus (MBKM) of Institutional Support System (ISS), Thursday (14/10) in UM Palembang Auditorium.

By the theme “To be Professional Practitioner Network to Overcome The Globalization Challenge in Digital Communication”, the agenda was attended by Akhmad Reynaldo Denovan, S.T.,  Fiber Academy Team Leader & HSE PT Telkom Akses and Amrih Sulanjati, S.T. IP Access Section Head of PT. Mora Telematika as the speakers. The agenda was officially opened by Vice-Rector I of UM Palembang, Prof. Dr. Indawan Syahri, M.Pd., accompanied by the Dean and Head of Quality Assurance Agency, Dr. Asvic Helida, S.Hut., M.Sc.

In her report, Dr. Asvic Helida, S.Hut MSc explained that the Network Infrastructure Training was for UM Palembang students as MBKM Institutional Support System to support the Key Performance Indicator (IKU) on MBKM policy. “I hope our students get the adaptive knowledge to be beneficial for them in the working place,” she said.

Prof. Indawan also said the ISS had the main programs, including the alignment of UM Palembang policy according to MBKM and the improvement of service quality towards academic civitas on ICT based, one of which was to conduct the network infrastructure training for UM Palembang students. “We keeps on working to support the graduates who are ready to work, because of the rapid digital world development. Therefore, the students should have particular competence, one of which is Information and Communications Technology (ICT) soft skills because currently, various fields need that competence,” he said. [] Diktilitbang

UM Sumbar Held Icontish Roadshow and Systematic Literature Review

UM Sumbar Held Icontish Roadshow and Systematic Literature Review

Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Barat (UM Sumbar) conducted the Roadshow of International Conference on Natural Sciences, Technology, Islamic Studies, Social Sciences and Humanity (Icontish) and Systematic Literature Review Training, Tuesday (12/10).

The agenda was held online and live broadcasted in Yunahar Ilyas Convention Hall on The Third Campus of UM Sumbar, Bukittinggi. This first Icontish agenda was a roadshow towards the Icontish International seminar held on November 23rd-24th 2021.

Isral Naska, MA as the committee chairman, in his speech, expressed his gratitude to the attendance and participation from the Dean and Lecturers in UM Sumbar. The agenda was a roadshow of the Icontish International seminar which will be held in November. “After the material presented from the speaker, there will be an explanation session about Icontish and preparation technique for the International conference,” he said on the official UMSB website.

The Vice Rector I UM Sumbar, Dr. Wedy Nasrul, M.Si, who officially opened the agenda said that the university will readily support the activities of the UM Sumatra Barat academia as they obey the existing rule. He also congratulated the participants in following the training process and hoped the International seminar will run well and provide a positive impact to Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Barat. He hoped the participants followed the whole training process because it related to the writing and research which became the lecturers’ duties. “I hope the agenda will improve our knowledge about literature review on writing,” he concluded.

UMKU Prideful Achievement in PON XX Papua 2021

UMKU Prideful Achievement in PON XX Papua 2021

Universitas Muhammadiyah Kudus (UMKU) student accomplished the prideful achievement. Ahmad Adam Hisbulloh, Primary Teacher Education (PGSD) undergraduate student collected the bronze national medal in Pekan Olahraga Nasional (PON) XX 2021 which was conducted in Papua. Adam got the achievement in the Wushu competition last Friday (1/10). The competition was held in Sports Center (GOR) Head Sai, Merauke, Papua. Through the UMKU official site, he got the bronze medal in the 65 kg category.

The Rector of UMKU, Rusnoto, SKM MKes (Epid) congratulated the achievement of his student. He was also grateful that UMKU students contributed to the Central Java contingent success. It also makes Kudus Regency proud at the national level. It is hoped that the success achieved by Adam can be motivation-driven for other students to make other proud achievements. “I hope that will be an encouragement for other students to accomplish achievements at the national and even international levels,” he concluded.

In National Sport Week ‘Pekan Olahraga Nasional’ (PON) XX 2021 held in Papua, Adam competed in 2 parties. The first competition was the third-place knockout. There, he won the game. He defeated the fighter from Lampung. Meanwhile, the second party was the second-place competition. Adam was beaten by the North Sumatra contingent. The first place was from the Jakarta contingent.

UM Kotabumi As A Vaccination Location

UM Kotabumi As Vaccination Location

The Law and Social Science UM Kotabumi became a vaccination location last Friday (8/10). Muhammadiyah COVID-19 Command Center (MCCC) and the Department of Primary and Secondary Education Lampung Province as the organizer of the vaccination. There were 250 participants presented on the agenda, including the North Lampung citizens and Muhammadiyah High School students in the North Lampung regency. Not only them, the students and community in general also attended the vaccination.

Salis M Abduh, The chairman of MCCC North Lampung, explained that the vaccination was an effort to flatten the COVID-19 curve in Lampung. Meanwhile, society should undergo the health protocol including washing their hands and wearing the mask. Also, everyone should keep their distance from one another. He also appreciated all parties which helped with this vaccination. “I also send my gratitude to Health Officials of North Lampung for the supporting help,” he said to

The Muhammadiyah council for Primary and Secondary Education of Lampung Regional Board, Suwandi Umar, said that the vaccination movement in UM Kotabumi was a form of concern towards nations. MCCC was one of the actors of this vaccination. “I hope the vaccination will end the pandemic, especially in Lampung,” he said. Furthermore, Suwandi Umar also mentioned that the parties who organize vaccinations have been implemented in several other districts.

Ahmad Amarullah Lead UM Tangerang Again

Ahmad Amarullah Leads UM Tangerang Again

Dr. H. Ahmad Amarullah, M.Pd. reappointed as the Rector of Universitas Muhammadiyah Tangerang and officially inaugurated in UM Tangerang Auditorium, Monday (11/10). In his speech, Ahmad Amarullah determined to keep struggle in developing the universities by the optimal efforts and attempts.

For Ahmad, the reappointment was a form of belief from Muhammadiyah to realize the smart work, sincere work, comprehensive work, and hard work. As he leads, he also had strong willpower can create graduates which have high competitiveness so that be ready to compete in the industrial world. “We targeted to increase the study programs in undergraduate and graduate programs. Certainly, the programs will result in the graduates’ readiness towards the industrial world. I assumed the community will conclude, then we will be acknowledged by the society with the students’ quantity in the pandemic,” he said.

The Vice Mayor of Tangerang, H. Sachrudin, who also presented at the inauguration gave the Rector message to bring UM Tangerang to be a university full of innovation and advantage to all academia and Tangerang citizens in general. “By the contributions, many advantages for the community, especially to move forward in this situation,” Sachrudin said. He also hoped that amanah (trust) which Rector had can promote the education world in Tangerang city,” he said.