UMB Postgraduate Program Innovation: To Invite External Examiners in Masters’ Thesis Seminar

The Postgraduate Program of Universitas Muhammadiyah Bengkulu (UMB) has made a breakthrough by inviting academicians from the other campuses as external examiners in masters’ thesis seminars. The Master Program of Biology Education became the first study program to implement this innovation. In this initiation, six theses of UMB students in Biology Education were examined by four doctors from UMB and one doctor from another university.

The external examiners reviewed and assessed the students’ thesis. On the other hand, the students who initially had doubts and were not confident because of the presence of external examiners, finally enjoyed his presence. The external examiner also provided constructive input so their theses can be more comprehensive.

According to the Coordinator of the UMB Postgraduate Program, Andi Azhar, Ph.D, this UM Bengkulu foremost innovation also became the first time in Bengkulu for the Master’s level. The presence of this external examiner aimed to encourage the improvement of the graduates’ quality from the UMB postgraduate program.

Andi also added that in the future, external examiners will not only come from academicians, but also from practitioners from companies, consultants, and activists. It is a common thing for various leading universities. The campus also hoped that it could have a domino effect in improving academic quality among the UMB Postgraduate academic community.

Besides the Master Program of Biology Education, UM Bengkulu currently also has two other postgraduate programs, namely Management and Indonesian Language and Literature Education. In the future, UM Bengkulu plans to establish new study programs for postgraduate degrees.

The innovation of the UMB postgraduate program in presenting external examiners at students’ thesis seminars became a positive development in encouraging the improvement of academic quality among the UM Bengkulu postgraduate academic community.

UMB Postgraduate Program Innovation: External Examiners in Masters’ Thesis Seminar

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