Over 200 Prospective Students Vie For UIAD Sinjai Seats in Admission Batch I

A total of 222 prospective freshmen competed for Universitas Islam Ahmad Dahlan (UIAD) Sinjai seats in the New Student Admission (PMB) Batch I Academic Year 2023/2024 on Thursday, (18/05) at UIAD.

From 222 total registered students, 50 people enrolled through Muhammadiyah Cadre Admission Path and the rest followed the regular one. The Candidates of Universitas Islam Ahmad Dahlan Student followed written tests and interviews, including Qur’an Recitation, Islamic insight, insight into the selected study program, motivation to choose a study program, while for the written test includes a general knowledge test.

The Chairperson of the Student Admission Board (LPMB) UIAD Sinjai, Andi Muh Fatahillah, S.Pd., M.Pd. said that the test became the first selection stage after the opening of Admission Round I at the beginning of February until May 15, 2023. “The selection test has been completed and successfully organized. The students can wait for the results to be announced from the Student Admission committee. Currently, the Admission Batch II has been opened and ends on August 15, 2023,” he explained.

Furthermore, he mentioned Universitas Islam Ahmad Dahlan provided a welcome opportunity for the prospective students, including high school / vocational / MA alumni to be a part of the blue campus as UIAD Sinjai in the 2023/2024 Academic Year.

“Studying at UIAD Sinjai offers various Study Programs, including 11 Bachelor and 1 Master Programs. There are also internal and external scholarship options in UIAD Sinjai that have been received by many active students at this time. Also, we have conducive classrooms that are so representative that it will be the best (learning) facility for students,” he added.

Over 200 Prospective Students Vie For UIAD Sinjai Seats in First Round

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