Muhammadiyah CHERD and Council for Cadre Education Held Baitul Arqom and Instructor Training Batch VI

Muhammadiyah Council for Higher Education, Research, and Development (CHERD) and Council for Cadre Education (MPK) conducted an Ideological Training (Baitul Arqom) and Instructor Training (PI) located in the Institute for Educational Assurance and Quality (LPMP) Building, Yogyakarta, Sunday-Wednesday (23-26/01).

The participants will be trained to achieve a license to conduct Baitul Arqom in their respective Muhammadiyah-’Aisyiyah Higher Education Institutions (MHEIs). PI batch VI aimed to optimize and empower the lecturers to be instructors in MHEIs. “I expect that the training will increase the number of instructors in MHEIs and can be responsible for managing 560 thousand of our students,” said the Secretary of CHERD, Muhammad Sayuti, Ph.D.

The Chairman of MPK, Ari Anshori, M.Ag., added that Muhammadiyah cadres are requested to have any kind of competencies to develop. Therefore, PI was expected to encourage MHEIs lecturers to unlock the potential and gain the expected results.

Prof Noor Rochman Hadjam, the Deputy Chair of Muhammadiyah Central Board, explained that the Islamic and Muhammadiyah Studies (AIK) become a spirit and distinguished character from the MHEI campus and students. The lecturers are also demanded to build civitas academia’s motivation based on AIK implementation. “I trust you, the lecturers, to provide a distinguished character based on AIK for MHEIs, not only how to dress but also how to behave,” said Prof Noor in front of the 44 participants.

Baitul Arqom and Instructor Training Batch VI for MHEIs Lecturers

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