Sisilia Agustiani Ora, An Outstanding Karate Athlete from UM Surabaya

Universitas Muhammadiyah Surabaya (UM Surabaya) provides a scholarship quota for athletes, including a Karate athlete from Blitar, Sisilia Agustiani Ora. Currently, Sisil is in her third semester in the Management department. Before studying at UM Surabaya, she has become an outstanding athlete since 4th grade in elementary school. She won her first medal in the Regional Championship in the third place when she was in elementary school. Her achievement increased when she was in middle and high school. “The moment I remember is when I was in middle school competing in the Jombang Open Tournament. When I competed for the Regent’s Cup, I injured my jawbone. It made me almost quit,” she said, as reported on the official UM Surabaya site.

The parents and people around her supported her to raise again. She achieved the gold medal in the women’s singles category at the 2016 National Sports Week (PON) in Bandung, West Java. She also bagged the silver medal at the 2017 SEA Games. Sisil planned to compete in the East Java Provincial Championship (Kejurprov) on 9-11 September in Magetan and A Series on 18-20 November in Jakarta.

UM Surabaya journalist who interviewed Sisil reported her abundant national and international achievements. In the interview, Sisil also mentioned that the key to success in her career is commitment. “No matter how great you are as an athlete, achievement is impossible without commitment,” she said. In addition, maintaining her commitment is motivation. She motivated herself every time she bagged trophies to prevent excessive pride.

Because of her commitment, Indonesia Karate-Do Sports Federation (FORKI) appointed Sisilia Agustiani Ora to its Executive Board as the Head Coach.

Sisilia Agustiani Ora, An Outstanding Karate Athlete from UM Surabaya

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