UMKU Launched ‘Pesantren Covid-19’ Shelter for The Moderate Illness

Kudus Regent, HM Hartopo, launched the ‘Pesantren Covid-19’ Shelter of MCCC Universitas Muhammadiyah Kudus (UMKU) on Wednesday (16/06). The Covid-19 shelter was established by the collaboration of Muhammadiyah Province Board (PWM) of Central Java, Muhammadiyah Regional Board (PDM) of Kudus, UMKU, ‘Aisyiyah Kudus Hospital, Muhammadiyah Covid-19 Command Center (MCCC), LazisMu, and Kudus Government.

Rusnoto, the Rector of UMKU, expected that the shelter would help decrease the Covid-19 transmission for the positive patients who should undergo self-isolation. He admitted that UMKU would collaborate with ‘Aisyiyah Hospital for the screening process. “We don’t directly put the positive patients to the shelter, but we will recommend them from the doctors and the health workers reference in ‘Aisyiyah Hospital to ensure they are confirmed positive,” he said. He added that the Covid-19 shelter also has communicated to the stakeholders to ensure security and safety.

 In his remarks, HM Hartopo explained that the program would support the Government to conduct self-isolation as Kudus community who underwent self-isolation in Asrama Haji Donohudan Boyolali due to the limitation of the isolation room in Kudus. “I appreciate the shelter establishment , I expect it can be imitated and followed by the other universities, companies, and all broader communities, especially in villages,” he said.

On this occasion, HM Hartopo, accompanied by the Regional Government Coordination Forum (Forkompimda) Kudus, the Rector of UMKU, the Director of ‘Aisyiyah, MCCC, and PDM Kudus also had an opportunity to survey the dormitory of UMKU, which would be the self-isolation location. The Director of ‘Aisyiyah Hospital (RSA) Kudus, dr Hilal Ariadi, explained that when a patient undergoes self-isolation, the health workers from RSA will monitor the patient’s recovery by doctor visits. “If the patients experience a severe illness, the ambulance will bring them to the hospital for further medical examination. However, suppose the condition allows them to undergo self-isolation. In that case, they will be taken to the shelter. If they experience a critical condition, they should be treated in the hospital,” he said. The ‘Pesantren Covid-19” of MCCC UMKU will be operated on soon on Thursday (17/06).

UMKU Launched ‘Pesantren Covid-19’ Shelter for The Moderate Illness

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