Webinar of The University Leadership in Crisis Period

Muhammadiyah Council for Higher Education Institution, Research, and Development (CHERD) held a Dialogue of The University Leadership Wednesday (3/11). The webinar themed “The University Leadership in Crisis Period: UII and UMY Experience”. Prof Dr Fathul Wahid as the Rector of Universitas Islam Indonesia and Dr Gunawan Budiyanto MP IPM as the Rector of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta became the resource persons in the webinar.

Before the primary schedule, Deputy-Chair of CHERD, Prof Dr H Chairil Anwar, expressed gratitude to all speakers. “I expect all the University leaders who attend this webinar can benefit the agenda to acquire knowledge and listen to the positive stories of the resource persons,” Prof Chairil Anwar said.

Afterwards, Prof Fathul Wahid opened his presentation with the UII strategic plan for 2018-2022, the university digitalization. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the implementation of this strategic plan was rapid, a sudden transformation. “Before the pandemic, we maintained the academic quality and organization continuity. However, when the pandemic started, we changed our priority to life safety and academic continuity,” Prof Fathul Wahid said. At the same time, UII had focussed on safety mitigation, operation risk mitigation, and financial risk mitigation towards the Covid-19 transmission.

Moreover, Dr Gunawan Budiyanto explained the UMY leadership strategy in the Covid-19 pandemic to aim the sustainability. The sustainability aspects include academics, human resources, students, and collaboration, both national and international. “The campus activity should run with strict health protocols. UMY also keeps pursuing a better position and market in the context of fresh students enrollment,” he said.

The following schedule was a discussion session. As in line with M Adam Jerusalem ST SH MT PhD as the Vice-Secretary of CHERD, on this occasion, becoming the webinar’s moderator, the leadership dialogue conducted online became an attempt to implement a leadership training program for an acceleration improvement of Muhammadiyah Higher Education Institutions (PTMA).

Webinar of The University Leadership in Crisis Period

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