UMSB Student Exchange Program, Maintaining Minangkabau Identity

Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Barat (UMSB) launched the international student exchange program on Wednesday (06/07). The program aimed to produce graduates that have international competitiveness. Besides elevating competitiveness, the graduates also need to maintain their identity as Minangkabaunes. The Rector of UMSB, Dr Riki Saputra MA directly launched the program located in Prof Dr Yunahar Ilyas Lc MAg Convention Hall, the Third Campus, Bukittinggi. In the first batch, the program would be conducted online. The students involved UMSB students in Minangkabau and Minangkabaunes’ students in the United States and Australia.

It was called the Virtual Diaspora of International Student Exchange Program (VR2ISEP). It also raised the theme “When Ranah Meets Rantau”. The term ranah demonstrated students in Minangkabau, while the term rantau illustrated Minangkabaunes who study overseas. The program is in collaboration with UM Sumatera Barat with the Minang organization in America. The organization is a diasporic organization of Minangkabau in the United States. The other collaboration involved the community of Surau Sydney Australia (SSA).

Dr Riki Saputra congratulated 16 UMSB students who followed the program. “It is in line with UMSB’s vision and mission to develop the synergy of knowledge and technology with spiritual values and local wisdom,” he said. Furthermore, the VR2ISEP Committee, Isral Naska MA mentioned six United States students and six Australian students followed the program.

UMSB Student Exchange Program, Maintaining Minangkabau Identity

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