UMS Pharmacy Team Won 1st Place in Asia Pacific Competition

Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta (UMS) has another International accomplishment. Tim 17 Farmasi UMS (the team from Pharmacy UMS) became the best team and won first place in the Industrial Skill Event (ISE) competition organized by International Pharmaceutical Student’s Federation (IPSF) Asia Pacific Regional Office. This achievement prevailed over UI and UGM to be runner-up I and II places. The other finalists defeated were ITB and the University of The Phillippines team.

“The achievement proves our Pharmacy students is excellent and able to compete in the international level,” said the Dean of Pharmacy, Apt Erindyah Wikantyasning, Ph.D. through a written statement (26/02). In short, the campus would provide significant opportunities to students in accomplishing national and international competitions. “For the students that challenge themselves to compete with foreign students, they can join the global championship,” said Peni Indrayudha Ph.D. as the Vice Dean for Student Affairs and Collaboration.

As mentioned, the team comprised of the 2018 Pharmacy students including Diva Ratna Shabrina, Naufal Faras, and Dimas Satrio Utomo. They submitted a proposal about the drug delivery innovation through the microneedles systems (MNs). Diva Ratna and the team presented their innovation in Dietilkarbamazin citrate (DEC) optimized through nano-emulsion loaded delivery of Dissolving Microneedle (NE loaded DMNs). “Not only to innovate in the formulation, but they also explained about the marketing strategy, curative purposes, health technology assessment, clinical trial strategy in phase 3-4, legal regulation, pharmacovigilance, and cost-benefit analysis,” said Diva. She added that the DEC compound is lymphatic filariasis (elephantiasis) medicine.

apt Dr. Arifah Sri Wahyuni, MSc, the Head of the Pharmacy department, appreciated the prideful achievement that build a good reputation of the pharmacy department in knowledge development. She expected that the accomplishment might inspire students, especially pharmacy students and UMS students working hard to win and accomplish achievements. “I hope in short, there are various strong teams to continue the competitive tradition in international level. I hope it can encourage other students to win a competition,” she said.

UMS Pharmacy Team Won 1st Place in Asia Pacific Competition

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