UM Surabaya Hosts The 5th Anti Corruption Summit

Universitas Muhammadiyah Surabaya (UM Surabaya) was selected as the first Private University to host the fifth Anti Corruption Summit (ACS) from the following months to 2023. ACS is a conference that becomes a peak of collaborative programs between the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) and higher education institutions. This event aimed to involve higher education institutions in corruption prevention and eradication, synergy improvement, corruption eradication forum, and collaborative forum for the prevention among Anti-Corruption Centers in the universities and Civil Society Organization (CSO).

“UM Surabaya is the first private university to be selected (as the host). It might be a collaborative action considering that UM Surabaya has a track record in developing  university-based Anti-Corruption center and possible to develop the other Anti-Corruption centers, especially in implementing Tri Dharma ‘three values’ of higher education institutions,” said Laode M, the Executive Director of Partnership.

The Rector of UM Surabaya, Dr. dr. Sukadiono, MM mentioned that he supports all activities in developing human resources, especially the ACS program for KPK. UM Surabaya has the Anti-Corruption Studies and Democracy Center (PUSAD) to organize and support the program. “We highly support the collaboration between KPK and university. And I expect that the anti-corruption movement can be enhanced by organizing ACS-5,” he said.

Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) hosted the first and second ACS, meanwhile, the third ACS had organized by Universitas Hasanudin (Unhas) and the fourth was located in Universitas Andalas (Unand). By the theme ‘Strengthening the Role of Higher Education Institutions for Corruption Eradication in the Political Sector’, this activity can be followed by the research team from campus research institutions. The output of this research would be published in the integrated journal of anti-corruption in KPK.

Eight themes would be the main topic of the research in ‘Call for Research Proposal’, especially in good governance on campus, the role of information and technology, anti-corruption education, law enforcement, money politics, integrated system in political party, economic sector corruption, and national economic damages and energy sector corruption.

UM Surabaya Hosts The 5th Anti Corruption Summit

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