That Students Consistently Get JFLS Scholarship Explains What Makes Unisa Bandung A Prominent University

Universitas ‘Aisyiyah (Unisa) Bandung students reiterated in receiving Jabar Future Leader Scholarship (JFLS) from West Java provincial government. This scholarship was strong evidence to show Unisa Bandung students’ achievements. That was a statement from the Head of Student Affairs Division, Hendra Gunawan, S.Pd., M.K.M. on Monday (03/10).

Alhamdulillah, Unisa Bandung students who applied to JFLS got the scholarship. It is evidence that Unisa Bandung students have a lot of achievements. Because to gain the scholarship, they should have various accomplishments, both in academic and non-academic achievements,” Hendra said.

In an interview, Hendra said six students receive the 2022 JFLS, including Izzatul Aini (the first-year student of Nursery Science), Rahma Hariri (the third-year student of Midwifery Science), Habibah Humnah (the fourth-year student of Nursery Science), Sabilah Rahmah (the third-student of Midwifery Science), Mia Anggi (the first-year of Nursery department), and Salsa Billah (the fourth-year of Midwifery).

Sabila Rahmah, the Midwifery student, admitted that she was grateful and appreciative for receiving the scholarship. She also hoped through the scholarship, she can get various experiences and can contribute to developing West Java.

Alhamdulillah tabarakallah, I have the opportunity to get a scholarship from the governor. Besides receiving tuition fees, I hope I can get experience in volunteering and contribute to elevating Jabar,” she said.

Consistently Get JFLS Explains What Makes Unisa Bandung Students Excellent

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