UM Gresik Achieved ISO Certification

Universitas Muhammadiyah Gresik (UM Gresik) officially achieved ISO Certificate 9001:2015 again on Tuesday (08/06). The university passed through an Audit process from the Indonesia NQA team for two days. As a result, no result was found in the Audit process. However, it means that the quality management standard in UM Gresik plan has fulfilled the customer and stakeholder requirements.

The result portrayed that UM Gresik has qualified the legal standing and regulations in its services. Also, the certification status has assured UM Gresik’s competence to fulfill customer satisfaction. It was measured by the quality and performance shown.

UM Gresik has received the ISO certificate 9001:2015 in the five consecutive years since 2016. It was the UMG evidence to elevate the performance and service quality (continuous improvement) in implementing academic and non-academic activity as the spirit of an education service foundation.

The Head of Quality Assurance Agency (BPM) UMG, Dr Slamet Asari, MPd explained that the ISO certification aimed to ensure UMG concerning the quality in all aspects to create the quality culture in UMG. Dr Asari expected, in short, UMG would be able to prioritize continuous quality management by concerning the requirements in the global dynamic. He also hoped that this continual quality improvement in institutional management was guaranteed.

UM Gresik Achieved ISO Certification

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