Rosa Sayentina Amin Examines Natural Ingredients For Alternative Medicine

UM Surakarta student, Rosa Sayentina Amin who studies Pharmacy, has conducted research to examine a healthcare product for a long time. She works for alternative medicine products with natural ingredients for patients with high blood sugar and obesity. Under the supervision of her lecturer, Arifah, she examined the black rice bran as high blood sugar medication with the combination of lime, West Indian elm, and Senna leaves that become obesity medicine. From the research, she has 1 dietary supplement and 1 food replacement.

Rosa also explained that currently, she needs a circulation permit for her products. Also, she tested her dietary supplement product herself. She succeeded in losing weight from 70 kilos to 55 kilos. “Currently, it is ready to consume, but it is still in the developmental stage,” she said. The product also received international awards, including Gold Medal World Young Inventors Exhibition, Malaysia; 2021 Best Invention Award Asian Young Inventors for high blood sugar medication; and Silver Medal World Young Inventors Exhibition, Malaysia for the dietary supplement product for weight loss and obesity medication product.

Various national achievements were also received by Rosa, including second place in Krenova Surakarta, the finalist in Scientific Writing Competition (LKTI) Ecoday UNS, the team leader of Holistic Village Development and Empowerment Program (PHP2D), Student Creativity Program of Research (PKM-P), the 33rd PIMNAS in UGM, Bulan Penelitian program in UMS, copyright owner, and Student Organization Capacity Building Program (PPK Ormawa). For her achievement and innovation, Rosa Sayentina Amin succeeded in achieving the Student Achievement Awards as the highest national and international awards achiever in UMS, Tuesday (28/06).

Rosa Sayentina Amin Examined Natural Ingredients For Alternative Medicine

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