LRI UMS Displays Herbal Supplement For Covid-19 Treatments

Research and Innovation Institute of Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta (LRI UMS) sent four research results from the UMS research team to follow the 2022 MITE Expo in the series of Muktamar agendas. One of the research was from Prof. Dr. Muhtadi, M.Si who examined the Herbal Supplement from developing drugs as the medical treatment for Covid-19.

The innovation product was synergized with the standard medical drugs from the Ministry of Health or WHO. Muhtadi explained the research was conducted due to the rise in the death rate of Covid-19 patiences. The research team from Pharmacy department UMS did some research on herbal medicine formulation with limited number of volunteers to support communities and government to tackle the pandemic. “Because it is an emergency, the formulation of herbal medicine as supplement for Covid-19 medication have supported numerous patiences and alhamdulillah, it can be treated faster,” Prof. Muhtadi said, Tuesday (29/11).

Prof. Muhtadi also mentioned that to prevent and treat the Covid-19 patiences, people can use herbal medicine to enhance immunity (imunomodulator) and anti-virus. In addition, he also explained the herbal ingredients were readily available in our environment.

The research and technology expo held in Muktamar became a socialization of the research result. “In the MITE expo of Muktamar, we can use this opportunity to socialize and promote the innovative product of herbal supplements for Covid-19 treatment. We hope it can be beneficial for the broader communities in Indonesia,” Muhtadi said.

He also mentioned that the research and innovation were not only advantageous qualitatively to theoretical science, but also can be implemented to public health and welfare.

LRI UMS Displays Herbal Supplement For Covid-19 Treatments

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