Seven UMPO Tapak Suci Athletes Are Ready to Welcome Musywil Muhammadiyah

Universitas Muhammadiyah Ponorogo (UMPO) athletes joined the Regional Board invitation (Invitasi Pimda) 023 from last Saturday (26/11) to Wednesday (30/11). The Regional Board invitation was held to welcome the 16th Provincial Congress (Musywil) of Muhammadiyah East Java that will be organized on 24-25 December 2022.

“Tapak Suci UM Ponorogo must lead, must be champion!”, they shout to encourage themselves as Student Activity Unit (UKM) Tapak Suci UM Ponorogo.

One of the UKM Tapak Suci Board, Iqbal Nafi Nur Ikhram mentioned in this competition, UMPO sent seven athletes. The fighters prepared their various fighting styles in the art category that includes national styles of Tapak Suci and Indonesia Pencak Silat Federation (IPSI), and all match categories. To give the best performance, Iqbal and his athlete team took two months of preparation. “Therefore, we hope we can win and be the UMPO’s pride,” he said.

Furthermore, he also mentioned his hope to be the Overall Champion. “Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, we can win the overall championship. We hope we can show the best shot for our UKM, and we wish to maintain the good name of Universitas Muhammadiyah Ponorogo,” he added.

For your information, Regional Board invitation 023 Tapak Suci was held in the Expotorium, UMPO. A total of 497 athletes from various contingents in Madiun Residency competed to welcome the 16th Musywil of Muhammadiyah East Java. Besides raising sportsmanship, the agenda strengthened a good relationship for all leaders to produce great future athletes.

Seven UMPO Tapak Suci Athletes Are Ready to Welcome Musywil Muhammadiyah

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