Diktilitbang Held Dissemination of Socio-Economic Researches

Muhammadiyah Higher Education, Research, and Development Council (Diktilitbang) held an Economic Empowerment and Community Welfare webinar on Monday (19/04). This webinar is a part of the Muhammadiyah Studies series and the first edition of the dissemination of RisetMu grant research on COVID-19 scheme. The webinar invited Sri Jumiyanti from UM Palu, Devi Ristian from UM Lamongan, Fahruddin Mukhlis from UM Malang, Saifullah Nasruddin from UM Sidenreng Rappang, and Umi Kholidah from UM Pringsewu. Before the main event, Hilman Latief, Chairman of Lazismu PP Muhammadiyah, gave a speech at the webinar.

In his speech, Hilman emphasized the importance of data as a foundation of movement. In addition, Hilman also gave a message that this discussion series would be a breakthrough, both in the short and long term. “As an association in the future, we need to strengthen the knowledge-based policy in Muhammadiyah,” he said.

Then, Adam Jerusalem, as moderator, introduced one by one of the five researchers. First of all, Sri Jumiyati presented her research entitled “The Evaluation of Community Empowerment through the Muhammadiyah Farmers Congregation (Jatam) and The Recommendations for Empowerment Models in Reducing the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic”. Furthermore, Saifullah Nasruddin conveyed the results of the research “LazisMu Strategic Program in MSME Development and Poverty Alleviation in Sidenreng Rappang Regency” with Akhwan Ali.

Fahrudin Mukhlis presented the subsequent research titled “Solidarity and Volunteerism of Muhammadiyah Members in Malaysia Against Covid-19”. After that, Devi Ristian presented research with Trijati Puspita and Nurul Hikmatul entitled “The Effect of 3A Health Mask Production Training (Antiwater, Antiaerosol, and Antibacterial) on the Productivity of ‘Aisyiyah Members”. Finally, Umi Kholidah presented “Muhammadiyah Cadre Responding to the Impact of Covid-19 in Economic Aspects (PCM Pringsewu)” with Ainur Rosidah.

The total number of research results in 142 studies. The speaker of the webinar, Lukman Hakim, conveyed the information. “Among the 142 types of research, there are 10 types of research that are in collaboration with Lazismu,” he added.

Diktilitbang Held Dissemination of Socio-Economic Researches

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