UMP Provides Scholarship for The Band Members

Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UMP) continues to spread its wings. In its 58 years, UMP provides wider opportunities for various groups to get a higher education. One of them is by providing scholarships for musicians.

UMP Rector, Assoc Prof. Dr. Jebul Suroso said, as a pilot project, they provided scholarships to two Hyndia Band personnel. Hyndia Band is a band from Purwokerto City that is on the rise. According to him, anyone who produces the best work is necessary to get appreciation. “Currently, in our observation, Hyndia Band is the best young rising band in Purwokerto. So we provide scholarship opportunities for their personnel,” said the Rector, during an iftar event, last Thursday (6/4).

The Rector further explained, although entering half a century, UM Purwokerto is getting younger. One of them is the determination to become a smart university. There is a conventional transformation towards smart education, among others by continuing to improve online learning. In addition, the management has supported, adapted towards the current condition.

UMP Provides Scholarship for The Band Members
UMP Rector Gave Symbolical Scholarship Awarding Ceremony for The Band Members

“Currently, UMP is ranked the 27th best university in Asean and we are also heading towards excellence accreditation. We continue to strive to increase study programs to be excellence in accreditation and currently, we have more than 70 percent,” explained the Rector.


International Students

The slogan “UMP Mendunia” is also increasingly accomplished with 1,800 foreign students who are studying at UMP. In fact, UM Purwokerto currently provides 5,800 seats. “UMP is everywhere, in the near future, we will open campuses in Tegal and Pangandaran. We also have students from Toli-Toli, which not many people even know where Toli-Toli is. Not long ago, UMP was also informed in the largest newspaper in China, because there was a barongsai (lion dance) in the opening of the UMP Ramadan market, “said the Rector.

On this occasion, there was also UM Purwokerto hymn launching with a re-arrangement by Hyndia Band. The vocalist of Hyndia Band, Ingtise, said that she was very proud to be able to get a scholarship and become part of a big family of UM Purwokerto. Ingtise, who has completed her bachelor’s degree in Law, plans to take a master’s degree in Management at UM Purwokerto. “I highly appreciate UMP for giving scholarships to me and my colleagues in Hyndia Band. This is a rare opportunity and it seems there is only one university that provides scholarships specifically for the band members,” she said.

UMP Provides Scholarship for Band Members

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