Unismuh Palu Students Supports Campus’ Disaster Resilience

Universitas Muhammadiyah Palu (Unismuh Palu) trained several students in disaster management, Saturday-Sunday (26-27/02). The agenda practiced students to be volunteers. The volunteers would be affiliated with the Volunteer team of Sintuvu Unismuh Palu that be ready everywhere and anytime when they are needed. Sixteen students from two respective delegates as participants.

The committee, Fika P Omolu, explained that the program aimed to raise student awareness for disaster management. “Also, it can create disaster resilience in the university,” said Fika. Moreover, the Rector of Unismuh Palu, Prof. Dr. Rajindra, SE, MM explained that Muhammadiyah has already concerned about disaster management. It was demonstrated by establishing Muhammadiyah Disaster Management Center to handle disasters.

According to Prof Rajindra, Unismuh Palu, one of Muhammadiyah services, has created a disaster management unit, Sintuvu. It responded to what Palu faced three years ago on 28 September 2018. “After we had faced an earthquake on 28 September 2018, we realized how unfamiliar we are to handle the disaster. Therefore, we need volunteers to manage victims through a Disaster Management unit,” said Prof Rajindra.

The Rector also planned to involve the medical team of Siti Fadilah Supari hospital. Recently, they had their operational car. After delivering a speech, Prof Rajindra pinned volunteer suits of the Sintuvu disaster management unit of Unismuh Palu to a student representative as the training started. Afterwards, the agenda continued by the Head of Disaster Management and Logistics for National Disaster Management Coordinating Board (BPBD) Southeast Sulawesi, Andi Adityawarman Sembiring, S.STP., MSi, presenting his materials.

Unismuh Palu Students Supports Campus’ Disaster Resilience

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