Sengkaling Park Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) becomes one of tourist destinations when visiting Malang, East Java. After the acquisition last 2013, a major renovation had been conducted by the White Campus. One of the renovations was a food center establishment, Sengkaling Food Festival (SFF). The recreation park has various playgrounds that can be enjoyed by children and adult visitors. The visitors are provided a Malang culinary court involved in Sengkaling Food Festival. Moreover, on the left side of the locket, there are lodgings with the yacht-shaped concept, Kapal Garden Hotel. The visitors also can visit the sports center in container form, Workout Container Gym.

“For the entrance to Sengkaling Park, we charge IDR 30.000 on weekdays and IDR 35.000 on weekends. Several facilities include free access to swimming pools, animal sanctuary, rabbit park, and various free sections. We also provide the pass-ticket that includes all swimming pools, Bom-Bom Car, Dragon Boat, Kiddy Trains, Bumper Boat, 4D Theater, and Joyland Game Zone,” said the General Manager of UMM Sengkaling Park, Dr. Achmad Mohyi, M.M.

Overall, the park comprises three parts, a water section, playgrounds, and animal sanctuaries. In the water section, the visitors will be pampered by swimming pools for adults and children. It also provides a mystery boat, a primitive concept, a Tirta sari concept, and squid concept pools. “While in the playgrounds, we have mystery boat, motorboat, and water-biking that can be played for walks. We also have a bom-bom car, 4D theater, playground, kiddy train, bumper boat, and many other sections,” said Dr. Achmad in his written statement.

At the moment, Sengkaling park has started to combine education and tourism in its recreation park. Achmad also explained that Sengkaling has collaborated with various schools to conduct training and education. The agenda includes procedures to create a micro-hydro power station, plane, fast car, and environmental training. [] UMM/CHERD

UMM Sengkaling Park Provides Complete Travel Packages

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