UM Lampung Held Research Workshop To Encourage Lecturers

Universitas Muhammadiyah Lampung (UM Lampung) held a ‘Scientific Writing Training’ workshop on Wednesday-Friday (09-11/03). The agenda was conducted on KH Ahmad Dahlan Auditorium, Campus I, UM Lampung. Twenty-five participants attended the workshop, including various lecturers in the Teacher Training and Education Faculty (FKIP). It aimed to elevate the motivation, competencies, and productivity of UM Lampung lecturers.

The Head of Higher Education Service Agency (LLDikti) Regional II, Prof Yuliansyah was delegated by the Head of General Division, Fansyuri Dwi Putra SE MSi delivered his remarks. “This scientific writing workshop becomes essential to motivate writing skills in Lampung, especially UM Lampung,” he said as reported on UM Lampung site. He also explained that research results should have roles and benefits in education, research, and community service. 

This assistance invited three speakers. The first speaker, Dr Agus Sutanto, delivered “Sharing of Writing Experience in National Accredited Journal and International Reputable Journal” materials. Afterward, the second speaker, Dr Tri Yuni Hendrowati presented materials about the “Scientific Article Writing Technique”. Third speaker, Dr Dedi Turmudi presented “The Technique for Citation, Reference, Manager, Paraphrasing, and Plagiarism”.

In his remarks, the Rector of UM Lampung, Dr Dalman, MPd explained that education development in higher education institutions generally experiences a significant improvement in Indonesia. Higher education institutions should elevate their competencies in quality assurance and priority programs, along with scientific paper publication. “The writing productivities and scientific papers should be implemented in community service and regional development,” he said.

Moreover, the Dean of FKIP UML, Hesti, MPd as the Chairwoman of Committee explained that it was a part of Tri Dharma (three values) implementation of Higher Education institutions. “ We hope that with this research result, we can elevate our result quality and be beneficial in providing solutions for the broader community,” she said.

UM Lampung Held Research Workshop To Encourage Lecturers

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