The Graduates Have High Labor Absorption, It is a Prominent Program in UNISA Bandung!

Universitas ‘Aisyiyah Bandung (Unisa Bandung) organized a Job Seeker event in the second campus hall, Wednesday (24/08). Job Seeker is a career development services program that is annually held by Unisa Bandung to elevate the high labor absorption for their graduates. This year, the Job Seeker was followed by 144 students who recently graduated.

The Division Head of Student, Alumni, and Career Development Center (CDC), Hendra Gunawan M.KM mentioned that the Job Seeker is one program of career development for graduates that aimed to prepare the graduates to grow their career by focusing on helping to find the right direction and gain the skills they need. “The Job Seeker is an effort of the university to bridge the skills the graduate needs when they work. The Job Seeker is completed with various materials in the workplace and arranging the good cover letter, curriculum vitae, and interview technique,” he said.

Furthermore, Hendra also explained that he also invited several users in the workplace that usually request the graduates to work in particular institutions. Winny Anggraeni, Unisa Bandung graduates feel helped with the Job Seeker program because it focuses on helping her to find the right direction and portraying the workplace after she graduates.

“For today’s Job Seeker, it is remarkable. We had the opportunity to pursue our career in Japan, have job advertisement’s information, and gain tips and tricks to write the cover letter and interview,” she said. Moreover, Winny mentioned the reason behind her decision to study in Unisa Bandung, one of them is because it has the highest competency test result.

In addition, Division Staff of Student and Alumni, Hanif Subagja, S.T, FT mentioned that 90% of Unisa Bandung graduates have worked and been absorbed in various institutions at home and abroad. “Currently, 90% of Unisa graduates have been absorbed in various institutions in Indonesia and overseas, including Japan and Saudi Arabia,” he said.

The Graduates Have High Labor Absorption, It is a Prominent Program in UNISA Bandung!

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