Uhamka Now Introduces New Master Program in Pharmacy

Universitas Muhammadiyah Prof DR HAMKA (Uhamka) is the best Islamic Higher Education Institution in Indonesia with nine faculties and postgraduate schools, covering 44 study programs, including the Doctoral Program of Indonesian Education. As a vision to be a prophetic teaching university, Uhamka implements spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and social education to create a progressive civilization. Currently, this university officially established a Master’s Program (S-2) in Pharmacy according to the Minister of Education, Culture, RI Research and Technology Decree Number 889/E/O/2022, on Tuesday (27/12).

Prof. Gunawan Suryoputro as the Rector of Uhamka expressed his profound gratitude because Uhamka has succeeded to perform continuous improvement that officially has a Master’s Program (S-2) in Pharmacy.

Alhamdulillah, according to the Minister of Education, Culture, Research and Technology Decree of the Republic of Indonesia, Uhamka has officially established a Master Program (S-2) of Pharmacy. The newly established study program became an important part of the 2020-2024 Strategic Plans. Insya Allah, more study programs will be established which can become our new encouragement to contribute constantly to advancing the nation and Indonesia,” said Prof. Gunawan.

Prof. Gunawan Suryoputro also hoped that this Master’s Program can motivate Uhamka to accelerate excellence and continue to improve quality.

“I hope the University can maintain excellence in some future accomplishments. And the Master Program in Pharmacy will slowly catch up to excellence, both in the study program accreditation and its academic civitas,” added Prof. Gunawan.

Uhamka Now Introduces New Master Program in Pharmacy

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