Unmuha Lectures Was Encouraged To Arrange Textbook

Faculty of Psychology Universitas Muhammadiyah Aceh (Unmuha) held a workshop for textbooks arrangement which was opened by the Dean of Psychology, Barmawi S.Ag, M.Si in the Rectorate Meeting room, the first-floor Unmuha, Thursday (12/08).

Hanna Amalia, M.Psi., Psikolog and Maria Ulfa, S.Psi., M.Pd. delivered their materials in front of the Head of Department (Kaprodi), Devi Yanti M.Psi.; Vice-Dean, Winda Putri Diah Restya, S.Psi. MA, and lecturers as participants.

The Dean of Psychology Faculty Unmuha, Barmawi, S.Ag. M.Si explained that the workshop of the textbooks arrangement was targeted for lecturers in the Faculty. “The workshop was a motivation and encouragement for the lecturers to write textbooks,” he said.

The textbook arrangement for the lecturers was conducted to get full support from the University leaders and would conduct in every semester. It was expected to get appreciation from the University.

The target of this textbook arrangement, later, became the primary reference which was used for the students’ requirement and the readers who had an interest in Psychology. The research result from the lecturers would be materials in the subjects which will be lectured. “As the Psychology Faculty leaders, I encourage and motivate lecturers to write and no limitation,” Barmawi said.

The textbook writer for the lecturers of Psychology Faculty Unmuha, Hanna Amalia, M.Psi., Psikolog explained that the lecturers should have scientific works to be used for the students, and expect the lecturers to motivate in the writing which was not hard if they were practicing.

The output for the workshop was hoped that every lecturer could write, at least wrote the outline for the textbook. “Alhamdulillah, the University and the Psychology Faculty Unmuha leaders supported this workshop for the textbook writing for the Psychology Faculty lecturers by providing incentive in every work of lecturers. Moreover, we expected that in the future, there would be our own publishing house. Because for now, the lecturers’ works were published by the outside agency,” she concluded. [] Public Relation of Unmuha / Diktilitbang

Unmuha Lectures Was Encouraged To Arrange Textbook

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