UM Pringsewu International Conference in Collaboration with Malaysia and Thailand

Universitas Muhammadiyah Pringsewu (UM Pringsewu) held an international conference on Monday (19/09). The conference raised various themes in Social, Technology, Education, and Health Science. In organizing the conference, UM Pringsewu collaborated with Mahsa University, Malaysia, and Khon Kaen Universit, Thailand. It aimed preparing education and health professionals in national and international competitiveness. On this occasion, the committee was led by Ns Fitra Pringgayuda MKep.

Ns Fitra mentioned that the conference was conducted in hybrid, both online and offline. “The participants are students, teachers, lecturers, healthcare practitioners, and information technology specialists,” he said. The conference invited Prof Dr. Rusli bin Nordin from Mahsa University Malaysia; Dr. Arunee Jaiteing from Khon Kaen University Thailand; and Dr. Tri Yuni Hendrowati MPd from UM Pringsewu to be speakers. They delivered materials based on their own specialities. Prof Dr. Rusli bin Nordin explained “Strengthening Health Behaviors for Prevention of Communicable Disease”, while Dr. Khoirin Nisa presented “Applied Statistic in Research”. Furthermore, Dr. Arunee Jaiteing presented “Facing Post-Pandemic Challenging for Healthcare Professionals” and Dr. Tri Yuni Hendrowati MPd shared “Higher Education Management in the Framework of Independent Learning, Independent Campus”.

The Rector of UM Pringsewu, Drs. Wanawir Am, M.M, M.Pd  expressed his gratitude for all UMPRI civitas. “In our third year, we have developed in bringing UMPRI going global through international conferences and many other programs. Currently, three countries were involved, including Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. In the future, UMPRI will invite more countries to collaborate to broaden the horizon and improve our alumni,” he said.

UM Pringsewu International Conference in Collaboration with Malaysia and Thailand

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