Ten UMP New Doctors Took Hippocratic Oath

Ten new doctors from Medical Science Faculty (FK) Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto (UMP) were inaugurated on the 5th Hippocratic Oath in the Medical Science Faculty Hall, Tuesday (23/03). They comprised five female doctors and five male doctors. The Dean of FK UMP, dr Muhammad Mansyur Romi SU, PA (K), said that the oath-taking was a part of the medical student process to take on the next steps.

“The Hippocratic oath was not only ceremonial procession but also how a doctor start his profession as to commit to Allah SWT, to himself, to the community and his colleagues where the colleagues will be a lifetime partner,” he said.

As mentioned, the 4th Hippocratic oath was followed by the new doctor from the Medical Science Faculty UMP with ten new doctors who passed the general doctor competency test nationally on February 2021 with a 71,42% pass rate.

“The gratitude and pride with these graduates, although we face the challenge during the pandemic, the encouragement to take the Hippocratic oath keep going with its limitations,” he said.

On the other hand, the Rector of UMP, Dr Jebul Suroso appreciated the Medical Science Faculty of UMP that succeeded in producing new doctors, passing through the long period of studies, and taking a Hippocratic oath.

“We congratulate all graduates; currently, you all succeeded and be ready to be the new doctor. You have dedicated yourself to being a humanitarian doctor. So be the good doctor and hold on to the oath. You should become the doctor that upholds humanity and carry the da’wah mandate,” he said.

The Rector expected that UMP graduates be outstanding doctors with noble character and benefit others. “Be a good-heart doctor, be nice with parents, communities, and colleagues. There are high hopes from your parents for you to pursue your dreams. So it would be best if you made them happy,” he said.


Source: Suara Muhammadiyah

Ten UMP New Doctors Took Hippocratic Oath

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