UMSB Supported Usmar Ismail To Confer As National Hero

Universitas Muhammadiyah Sumatera Barat (UMSB) became the first campus in West Sumatera to recommend Usmar Ismail to confer as national hero. The Rector of UMSB, Dr Riki Saputra, ensured that Usmar Ismail is very reasonable to be National Hero.

He continued that this recommendation was based on a strong reason that he was originated on Bukittinggi. “From the intellectual aspect, he has played several roles in developing Indonesia,” said Riki, Monday (22/03).

Riki added that the recommendation was already submitted to the local government and expected to be realized. “His families also asked for our supports. Later, we will conduct several agendas, including workshops to strengthen his existence,” said the Rector.

UMSB also conducted a National Seminar entitled the first-century commemoration of Usmar Ismail by inviting his child, Senior Journalist, Hasril Chaniago; A Filmmaker, Arief Malin Mudo; and the Assistance-III Local Government of Bukittinggi, Drs Melfi, MSi, (23/03).

The petition signing to support Usmar Ismail as the National Hero was conducted to end the agenda. He was a film director, litterateur, and journalist born on 20 March 1921. He was a multitalented figure, originated on Bukittinggi, and passed away on 2 January 1971.

He also fought for independence in three different ways: physical/guns, perspective, and artwork. He also became a senior journalist and served as the Indonesian journalists’ organization (PWI) Central Board (1947-1949). Afterwards, he also becomes military officers with a Major title at 25 years old, a member of the House of Representatives, and was known by the Father of Indonesian film. His name was glorified at the National Film Center in Kuningan, Jakarta.

UMSB Supported Usmar Ismail To Confer As National Hero

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