Unimus Inaugurated 3067 Freshmen Students

Prof Dr Masrukhi, MPd, the Rector of Universitas Muhammadiyah Semarang (Unimus), inaugurated the freshmen on the Open Senate Meeting and the Freshmen Students Orientation year 2021/2022, Monday (06/09). There were 3.067 students inaugurated consisting of 34 first-year students of Magister Program (Postgraduate), 242 freshmen of Profession Program, 2.022 freshmen of Undergraduate Program, 327 freshmen of Diploma-IV, 329 freshmen of Diploma-III, and 48 students exchange from outside Java island involved in Independent Learning-Independent Campus program.

Prof Dr Masrukhi, in his remarks, appreciated the students for getting achievements even in the pandemic. “Even though the pandemic restricts people from doing a lot of activities, the limitation doesn’t affect us to do activities by adapting and anticipating the Covid-19 pandemic impact on getting achievements,” he said.

Moreover, the Rector also explained about Unimus-campus life. The students would be fostered and taught by the professional lecturers with their specialty to assist students in reaching their goals to be a Diploma, Bachelor, and Master. On the other hand, the students would also learn about leadership. “In Unimus, the students not only learned academically but also learned in the student organization. They can train to lead and to be led in the Students Activity Unit (UKM),” he concluded. [] Diktilitbang

Unimus Inaugurated 3067 Freshmen Students

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