Kaliploso Village Becomes The Community Service Location for ITBM Banyuwangi

Institute for Technology and Business Muhammadiyah (ITBM) Banyuwangi extended the da’wa orientation. The Community Service Team of ITBM Banyuwangi visited Kaliploso village. The village was located in Cluring district, Banyuwangi regency, East Java province. Moreover, the town is divided into two areas, Kalirejo and Plosorejo. The agenda was designed to be community service which the lecturers and students have well planned.

The community welcomed the ITBM Banyuwangi team, especially the participants. At first, the ITBM Banyuwangi team presented the Socialization of Household Waste Management. The socialization was running well. The participants also become enthusiastic. This motivation emerged from the expectation of the successive practice step. “We hope that there is a follow-up stage in the seminar, in more practical terms. It should produce good output,” one participant said.

This encouragement was elevated because the Community Service team continued to the following schedule. It was hand sanitizer production. The Chemical Engineering lecturer directly demonstrated the hand sanitizer production procedure. Kaliploso communities also expected the continuous agenda, and the local government mentioned it in the remarks, as reported on the official ITB Muhammadiyah site. “I hope it can be continued in the future,” he said.

Lastly, taking photographs would be the last schedule. ITB Muhammadiyah Banyuwangi also distributed hand sanitizer for all participants.

ITBM Banyuwangi Community Service in Kaliploso

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