UMS Crowns Professor to Mechanical Engineering Lecturer

Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta (UMS) crowned a Professor of Mechanical Engineering (and other mechanics) last Monday (25/10). It was marked by the Ministerial Decree of the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture Number 65067/MPK.A/KP.05.01/2021 about The Academic Functional Promotion of Lecture to Marwan Effendy ST MT Ph.D. Marwan Effendy ST MT Ph.D., recently, became a Professor in Mechanical Engineering (and other mechanics). Head of Institute for Higher Education Service (LLDIKTI) Regional VI, Prof. Dr.Ir Muhammad Zainuri, DEA was the authority to hand the Ministerial Decree over.

UMS leaders and academic civitas also attended. He stated that UMS has a high commitment to providing education quality according to its vision. ”In 2029, I hope UMS would become the Islamic Education Center and Science and Technology Development which guides into the transformation,” he said. Not only Marwan Effendy but also there will be other professors. As planned, UMS would announce the names of professors in the next 10 November.

Marwan Effendy had 27 scientific works documented in Scopus. Afterwards, five of 27 works would have high-impact factor journal categories, namely Applied Thermal Engineering (IF 5,29); International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow (IF 2,79); Sustainability (IF 2,58); Case Studies in Thermal Engineering (IF 4,72); and Journal of Materials Research and Technology (5,04).

As reported on the official UMS site, Marwan Effendy was a doctoral graduate of a London university. He was also active in research, community service, and other scientific association. In addition, he had recognized as a reviewer in a well-known Elsevier publishing in last 2018.

Meanwhile, the Head of LLDIKTI Regional VI, Prof. Dr. Ir. Muhammad Zainuri, DEA, hoped that Rector UMS contributions in the Covid-19 pandemic could deliver to the ideal learning system.

UMS Crowns Professor to Mechanical Engineering Lecturer

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