UMY Won 1st Place in SIMKATMAWA For National Private Universities

Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) added another achievement in pandemic period. In 2021, UMY is ranked the top 10 national universities in the Management Information System of Student Ranking (SIMKATMAWA) organized by the Indonesia Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology. The achievement brought UMY to be the first winner in Muhammadiyah Higher Education Institutions (MHEIs) and National Private Universities (PTS) in student achievements.

Currently, UM Yogyakarta moved up four places and is ranked top 10 universities that also surpassed UI. “To get this SIMKATMAWA achievement is uneasy. Although the student achievements were not significant enough in quantity, they had high values. For example, in 2021, UM Yogyakarta won a national movie competition, won National Student Art Week (Peksiminas), and became a champion in the robotic contest. I think if we compared with the other campus, UM Yogyakarta had high scales in the competition level,” said Faris Al-Fadhat, PhD, the Vice-Rector of Student Affairs and Islamic and Muhammadiyah Studies.

The achievement was a collaborative work from various parties and result from a specific target. Faris explained that in a short time, UM Yogyakarta will maintain this top 10 university and also pursue to raise the rank. To maintain the accomplishment, UMY will activate a strategy reviving student activities outside the class to encourage student achievement. “Besides activating students activities outside the class, we also encourage the lecturers to involve in that activities. They should be great supervisors,” said one of the International Relations lecturers. [] UMY / CHERD

UMY Won 1st Place in SIMKATMAWA For National Private Universities

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