UM Kotabumi As A Vaccination Location

The Law and Social Science UM Kotabumi became a vaccination location last Friday (8/10). Muhammadiyah COVID-19 Command Center (MCCC) and the Department of Primary and Secondary Education Lampung Province as the organizer of the vaccination. There were 250 participants presented on the agenda, including the North Lampung citizens and Muhammadiyah High School students in the North Lampung regency. Not only them, the students and community in general also attended the vaccination.

Salis M Abduh, The chairman of MCCC North Lampung, explained that the vaccination was an effort to flatten the COVID-19 curve in Lampung. Meanwhile, society should undergo the health protocol including washing their hands and wearing the mask. Also, everyone should keep their distance from one another. He also appreciated all parties which helped with this vaccination. “I also send my gratitude to Health Officials of North Lampung for the supporting help,” he said to

The Muhammadiyah council for Primary and Secondary Education of Lampung Regional Board, Suwandi Umar, said that the vaccination movement in UM Kotabumi was a form of concern towards nations. MCCC was one of the actors of this vaccination. “I hope the vaccination will end the pandemic, especially in Lampung,” he said. Furthermore, Suwandi Umar also mentioned that the parties who organize vaccinations have been implemented in several other districts.

UM Kotabumi As Vaccination Location

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