SARMMI and IKIPMu Maumere Volunteers Underwent Ramadhan Fasting in NTT Flood Site

Holy Ramadhan month was not being a humanitarian volunteer challenge to the disaster sites. Fasting increased the motivation of the volunteers to spread kindness and helped the disaster victims in Adonara Timur. That was a statement from Al-Ghifari, the operation chief SARMMI (SAR Indonesian Student Association for Environmental and Adventure Activity) for NTT, who finished the coordination meeting from IKIP Muhammadiyah Maumere (IKIPMu Maumere), was conducted in Weiwerang, Adonara Timur, Flores Timur, NTT (15/4). Al Ghifari explained that in Weiwerang, SARMMI volunteers synergized with CAMP STIE Muhammadiyah Jakarta and IKIPMu Maumere volunteers, a combination from the Outstanding Students, Muhammadiyah Student Association (IMM), and Mahupa.

In Weiwerang, the volunteers settled the humanitarian post in assisting the flood victims in Weiwerang and Weiburak. The flood was also caused by the seroja tropical cyclone. In the humanitarian post, they synergized with IPM Nangahure, IPM Semamers, and Remas Al-Hikmah. “Each evening, we break the fast together, then we pray. Afterwards, we take suhoor together, and we continue to do humanitarian works to the flood-affected communities,” Al Ghifari continued.

For effectiveness, the humanitarian volunteers were divided into three groups. The first group was helping to clean scattered debris in several houses in Weiwerang village. Meanwhile, the second group assisted in cleaning the Mujahidin mosque in the Koramil area. The third group cleaned the flood debris with Weiburak people.

After each group finished their work, they would help the other groups until they all finished. “Besides cleaning, the volunteers also distribute the primary needs for the flood victims including rice, clean water, clothes, and many more,” Al Ghifari said.

Meanwhile, Erni Rukmini, a pioneer of Mahupa, explained that all volunteers expected that the lives of residents affected by the flood would recover as soon as possible. “The expectation was portrayed by humanitarian works in the field all out. Hungry and thirsty due to fasting are not an obstacle to the volunteers to help each other,” she concluded. [] Diktilitbang

SARMMI and IKIPMu Maumere Volunteers Underwent Ramadhan Fasting in NTT Flood Site

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