Menwa of UM Lamongan Won 3rd Place in National Writing Competition

Student Regiment Resimen Mahasiswa’ (Menwa) Mahasurya Wira Adiwidya of UM Lamongan achieved 3rd place in National Scientific Writing Competition (LKTI) themed “National Defence in Students Perspective” held by Student Regiment Unit of Universitas Gadjah Mada Yogyakarta, Sunday (14/11). The “Srikandi” team accomplished to reach the score of 171,80 under UIN Walisongo Semarang team and IST Akprind Yogyakarta team.

Silvia Adien Purwanta, as the team leader, explained the research also aimed to acknowledge the national defense spirit of the students in the rapid digital development era. Digital literacy was an approach focused on the critical analysis of content in social media. Therefore, the student spirit in establishing the national defense spirit by utilizing digital literacy can strictly dismiss and examine the digital media content. Therefore, the students could utilize the media based on their needs.

Silvia admitted her team met an obstacle because all writing processes were conducted online. However, their motivation elevated their optimism to winning. “We learn to build effective and intense communication in our own schedule. We looked for the ideas, arranged the writing structure, and prepared the presentation. We conducted virtual meetings and intensive discussion on the group chats for elaboration,” she added.

Student Regiment Mahasurya Wira Adiwidya of UM Lamongan aimed to create a strong national defense as a sovereign country and nations based on religious values, the ideals of civilized humanity by upholding unity as a form of national solidarity within the framework of Unity in Diversity as the effort to improve people’s welfare and social justice. [] UM Lamongan / Diktilitbang

Menwa of UM Lamongan Won 3rd Place in National Writing Competition

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