Batu Beriga Becomes Community Service Location of Unmuh Babel

Universitas Muhammadiyah Bangka Belitung (Unmuh Babel) held Focus Group Discussion (FGD) in Unmuh Babel Building, Wednesday (30/06). The FGD raised a theme “Problem Mapping and Village Potency Towards Independent Village Trough Community Service”. It was a collaborative work from Unmuh Babel and Local Development Planning Agency (Bappeda) Bangka Tengah. Besides Bappeda and Unmuh Babel, the other party included in this collaboration was related Local Government Organization (OPD). The OPD included the Research and Development Body (Litbang) Bangka Tengah, Fisheries and Agriculture Office. Moreover, the Tourism, Food Security, and Village Office of Batu Beriga, Lubuk Besar district, Bangka Tengah regency.

In the agenda, the Rector of Universitas Muhammadiyah Babel, Fadillah Sabri, appreciated the Rural Development FGD, especially for Tanjung Berikat, Batu Beriga Village. “I am so enthusiastic about the Rural Development program. Because it becomes da’wah media to bring humanitarian values,” he said. The Head of the Institute for Research and Community Service, Dzihan Khilmi Ayu Firdausi, also accompanied. Moreover, the Unmuh Babel lecturers who achieve Community Service Grant Internal Skim of Village Partnership also attended in this circumstance.

Afterwards, the Chairman of the Research and Development, Arzali, also appreciated the Rural Development FGD for Tanjung Berikat, Batu Beriga village, Lubuk Besar district, Bangka Tengah regency. “We as Bangka Tengah government always support this Rural Development program. We are ready to collaborate, especially to present the precise data, visual and cooperative,” Arzali said.

Moreover, the Village Head of Batu Beriga, Gani, also expressed his gratitude for the attention and upbuilding effort from Unmuh Babel. In addition, he also expected that this program would assist to develop Tanjung Berikat, Batu Beriga, Bangka Tengah. “Our village has various potencies which should have human resource support in the sustain assistance,” Gani said.

Batu Beriga Becomes Community Service Location of Unmuh Babel

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