UM Sinjai Officially Established Agribusiness As The First in Panrita Kitta Land

Universitas Muhammadiyah Sinjai (UM Sinjai) becomes the first university that has an Agribusiness department in Bachelor Progam in the Land of Panrita Kitta, Sinjai Regency. The Decree of Study Program was handed virtually by the Rector of UM Sinjai, Dr. Umar Congge, SSos, MSi over Prof Dr. Jasruddin, MSi as the Head of the Institute for Higher Education Service (LLDIKTI) Regional IX, last January.

The Dean of FISIP UM Sinjai, Dr. A Djamaluddin Ramli, MSi; the Dean of Science and Technology UM Sinjai, Dr. Abdul Hakim Fattah, MSi; the Vice-Dean of Science and Technology, Ridha Alamsyah MSi; the Head of Quality Assurance Institute, Muhammad Lutfi, MA; and all UMSI academic civitas. “We expected that the new study program became the favorite program in UM Sinjai,” the Public Relations of UMSi, as reported on Suara Muhammadiyah.

In his remarks, Dr. Ahfandi Ahmad MSi, the Secretary of UM Sinjai as a person in charge explained that Sinjai has potential in agriculture, fisheries, and plantation. The alumni would be agricultural entrepreneurs and support to elevate the marketing strategy with the surrounding agriculture products.

The agribusiness students were expected to have soft-skill and the responsibility to self-actualize and realize agribusiness entrepreneurship with a global orientation for sustainable agribusiness management. Moreover, the students were also expected to master the theory and concept of agricultural economics, sociology, entrepreneurship, organization, knowledge, and technology to provide solutions and make decisions based on scientific and sustainable agribusiness systems.

The development of a learning system would be comprehensive and competitive based on the informational technology with the local wisdom consideration and industrial revolution 4.0 development. As for the agribusiness graduates, they were expected to have careers as professional agribusiness managers, agribusiness entrepreneurs, research, and agribusiness consultant, agribusiness counselor, community empowerment facilitators, and agriculture development designers.

UM Sinjai Officially Established Agribusiness As The First Study Program in Panrita Kitta Land

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