Soft Launching of Sports Facilities, UMY Encourages Students Interests and Talents

“It has already been 11 months that we can not conduct the face-to-face learning method. However, while it is still in the pandemic, the campus operational system can hopefully run again with a strict health protocol. Also, the most important thing is we can engage with the students again,” said Dr Ir Gunawan Budiyanto, MP, IPM, on the soft-launching of UMY basketball court construction.

Located in UMY basketball court, the Institute for Student and Alumni Development (LPKA) invited the Student Activity Unit (UKM), and UMY student organization institutes to do some physical activities together. Gunawan inferred the soft launching as a concrete step in supporting the interests, talents, and achievements of UMY students. “The court has been established 8 years ago and required repair, but more than that, we should provide the best facilities for the students. Therefore, they will be protected from the rain and the sun when exercising in the court, especially the student achievements in Basketball and Tennis that should be considered,” he said.

As reported on the UMY site, Prof Hilman Latief, MA, Ph.D. as the Vice-Rector of Student, Alumni, and Islamic and Muhammadiyah Studies (AIK) Affairs, said that the agenda had been planned long ago. “The agenda has been designed for two years. Finally, at the moment, we can realize it due to the obstacle in the pandemic. Besides assembling the students to do physical activities, we can intensively interact and exchange perspectives with students about the UKM programs, and many others,” said Hilman. Moreover, he also provided reassurance that the campus life had been started again.

Moreover, he also mentioned the campus’s intention to provide the best facilities for the students. “I expect that the students can be more active on campus. They do not have to go far from UMY, we already provide them with an indoor fitness gym, sports gym, and other sports facilities. We have a strong desire to provide the best and the student can freely access the facilities,” he concluded.

Soft Launching of Sports Facilities, UMY Encourages Students Interests and Talents

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