UMY MM Kine Club Get An Achievement Again

UMY Muhammadiyah Multimedia Kine Club (MM Kine Club) accomplished to get 1st place in the fiction short movie category in Anti-Corruption Film Festival 2021 conducted by Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) on Saturday (04/12). The short film entitled Piknik Panik ‘Panic Picnic’ became the 4th film of MM Kine Club and contributed to UMY achievements list.

To get 1st place in Anti-Corruption Film Festival 2021, the MM Kine Club had defeated 455 outstanding participants. Umar Al Jufri explained the film’s production process took over two weeks. “In the preparation, the script development has taken two weeks; then the shooting process has taken two days. It did not include the editing process and many other processes,” the producer of UMY MM Kine Club said. Umar also revealed that at least 40 people were involved in the production process.

The story was raised from the reality that usually happens in the community at this moment of the practice of illegal charges. The story in the Piknik Panik has packaged attractively and epic, which demonstrates the married couple who traveled to a tourism destination when it was closed due to the pandemic. “Actually, the film was not about competition, but how it meets the viewers because it is useless if we produce a movie without any viewers,” Umar highlighted. 

UMY MM Kine Club Gets Achievement Again

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