Student Scientific Week Achieved by Universitas ‘Aisyiyah Surakarta

Universitas ‘Aisyiyah Surakarta students succeeded in achieving two categories in the “2021 Physiotherapy of Student Scientific Week”. As reported in the official Universitas ‘Aisyiyah Surakarta on Wednesday (09/06), the Call for Paper Team comprised Andika Nur Chayaningsih, Abdullah Alba Nur Ihza, and Zulanda Indah Widyastuti achieved 2nd place. The three of them were Diploma-IV Physiotherapy students. Afterwards, Lusi Febrianti, Ria Nurdiana Sugita, and Tyan Antika Sukma got the second place in Scientific Poster category.

The Indonesia Physiotherapy Student Association (IMFI) collaborated with Universitas ‘Aisyiyah Yogyakarta Physiotherapy Student Association (Himafi) conducted the competition. It was held online, starting from the registration step to the review. In other words, the participants registered and sent their works to the link shared by the committee.

At the same time, the score would be reported. The team of Call for Paper which was in 2nd place, recorded of 78,65. The score was more than the preeminent candidate, namely Universitas Hasanuddin Makassar and Universitas Airlangga Surabaya. Afterwards, the group of Scientific Poster achieved second place with a score of 193. It surpassed the score from Universitas Airlangga. These achievements proved that Universitas ‘Aisyiyah Surakarta could compete and give the best result in enhancing the university’s reputation.

Student Scientific Week Achieved by Universitas ‘Aisyiyah Surakarta

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