Strategies of An Active, Effective and Educative Distance-Learning Webinar

In the pandemic era, Muhammadiyah-’Aisyiyah Higher Education Institutions (PTMA) are required to adapt to the development of Distance Learning (PJJ) so that the education process improves its quality. The following question is how to create an active, effective, and educative learning process using distance-learning methods. That was a statement from Munawwar Khalil, Assistance Team of Muhammadiyah Diktilitbang Council, when he opened an online Webinar of Active, Effective, and Educative Distance-Learning Strategies, Thursday (26/02).

In his speech, Prof. Edy Suandi Hamid agreed that distance learning in the pandemic era is an accidental learning method. “From time to time, we should improve our fresh and updated competence, and the pandemic forces us to utilize IT to provide active, effective, and educative learning,” he explained.

Distance learning is a necessity for PTMAs if we do not transform the learning concept and there is no innovation.” Natural selection might happen if we do not change, especially in the pandemic condition,” he said. With distance learning, PTMAs might improve their students’ competence maximally, in which credits are written on certificates and the other competence they have gained during the learning process.

Prof. Dr. Ir. R. Eko Indrajit stated the recent competence which the lecturers and teachers should have in the pandemic era is cyber-pedagogy. “Education world’s forced to transform faster than expected. It shifted from the evolution mode to revolution mode,” he explained in Keynote Speech. The core of distance learning is not technology, money, or time. Still, the mindset is the key to education success. Prof. Eko also asserted that technology could not replace the lecturers’ role. Meanwhile, the lecturers who can not utilize technology are immediately replaceable. It is because they can not adapt to the development of time,” he said as a closing statement in 300s participants. [] Diktilitbang / Pradita University

Strategies of Active, Effective and Educative Distance Learning Webinar

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