In UMMU Leadership and Personality Development, Rector Welcomes 1,000 Freshmen

Leadership and Personality Development Training Program (P2KK) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Maluku Utara (UMMU) was conducted for six days and managed to steal the public’s attention by organizing the closing ceremony in Ternate Landmark on Sunday (11/09).

The closing ceremony was attended by the Rector of UMMU and all academic civitas by organizing a fun walk and cleaning the Landmark and Gamalama market up for all participants. It was continued by handing over the participants by the Rector to the respective faculties.

Based on the Committee Chief’s report, 1,015 participants were involved during the program. “We designed the 2022 P2KK effectively because it became our first time appearing in public involving 1,015 applicants. From the applicants, 1,000 students qualified and passed (the P2KK),” he said.

Currently, the 2022 P2KK raised the theme “UMMU Raises, Enlightens Generation for Indonesia Development” by correlating the theme of the 48th Muhammadiyah National Congress (Muktamar) and the welcoming ceremony could become a starting point for a new generation of UMMU, especially Muhammadiyah. In his remarks, the Rector of UMMU appreciated the committee’s performance, because, besides to organize P2KK, they have another agenda, the animation of UMMU mosaics.

“P2KK was conducted for six days targeting the students to build leadership and personalities that become part of the requirements in the final assignment. Thank you for choosing UMMU as the place to study in four years ahead. Lastly, I appreciate the committees for their remarkable performance,” said the Rector. It was closed by tapping the declaration of the 48th Muktamar Muhammadiyah support led by the Rector and followed by all freshmen.

In Leadership and Personality Development, UMMU Rector Welcomes 1,000 Freshmen

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