UNIMMA Held Halal Bihalal In Celebrating Month of Shawwal

Universitas Muhammadiyah Magelang (UNIMMA) held Halal Bihalal (gathering in Shawwal) with all academic civitas in Eid al-Fitr 1 Shawwal 1443 Hijriah. The highlight of the 2022 Ramadhan on Campus (RDK) event was conducted on Monday (09/05), located in First Campus Auditorium, UNIMMA. On this occasion, the Daily Advisory Boards, retired employees, and all academic civitas of UNIMMA attended the gathering.

Andi Triyanto, M.Si., the Person in Charge of RDK and the Chairman of Islamic Studies Development (LP2SI) UNIMMA, reported various programs organized over the past month in Ramadhan. “Some time ago, Eid al-Fitr prayer was managed in the Second Campus of UNIMMA and today’s agenda becomes the last and highlighted event in RDK. Also, it can strengthen relationships for all academic civitas in UNIMMA,” he said.

In her remarks, Dr Lilik Andriyani, S.E., M.Si, the Rector of UNIMMA, expressed her gratitude due to the great relationship in the UNIMMA environment. “Halal Bihalal refers to an extraordinary gathering (silaturrahim) to reunite and greet the retired employees as a big family. This agenda should strengthen our relationship,” she said.

On this occasion, Drs H Jumari, the Chairman of Muhammadiyah Regional Board (PDM) Magelang, delivered an Islamic sermon. He highlighted that taqabbaalallu minna wa minkum (may Allah accept good deeds from you and us) without the spirit of togetherness is nonsense. “As the academic civitas with various levels of taqwa, we should do good deeds for UM Magelang. How? By using every opportunity to improve UM Magelang, inviting in various ways to publish UNIMMA’s good deeds to make everyone was interested in UM Magelang,” he said.

The gathering was ended by submitting the retirement letter to one of UNIMMA’s educational personnel and continued by greeting one another in all attendance.

UNIMMA Held Halal Bihalal In Celebrating Month of Shawwal

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