UM Lampung Inaugurated The Dean Ad Interim 2019-2023

Universitas Muhammadiyah Lampung (UM Lampung) held the inauguration of the dean ad interim of Faculty of Social Science and Political Science (FISIPOL), Drs Nur Islam MIP, on Monday (8/11). The agenda was conducted in a strict health protocol. In the inauguration, the Rector of Universitas Muhammadiyah Lampung, Dr H Dalman MPd, handed the Decree of the Dean Ad Interim Appointment number 626/KEP/II.3-A.U/D/2021 in the 2019-2023 period. The decree issuance was based on the Faculty senate meeting as mentioned by Dr Dalman.

At the inauguration, the Vice-rectors, Heads of the Bureau, Heads of Department, Chiefs of the Institute, and Heads of the Unit also attended. In his remarks, Dr H Dalman MPd congratulated the Dean Ad interim of FISIPOL UM Lampung. Afterwards, he also prompted the deans to establish the maximal contribution in minds, times, and works for the UM Lampung improvement, especially in FISIPOL. “The gratitude for Drs Nur Islam MIP for the appointment to be a dean by the hard work for the UM Lampung improvements,” he concluded.

Moreover, Dr Dalman also prompted the Civil Servant Candidate to reach success. One of the ways is to show the commitment to following orders from their leaders.

Afterwards, the Vice-Rector of Human Resources Affairs, Emy Sri Purwani MSi also brought about the responsibility for every duty. “Working hard sincerely and be responsible in maintain the good name of faculty and university,” he said at the agenda started at 2 p.m,.as reported on the official UM Lampung site.

UM Lampung Appoints The Dean Ad Interim 2019-2023

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