UMY Facilitates Elementary School Teachers To Develop Educational Podcast

The Communication Studies Department of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY) conducted a workshop on podcast production for the learning media on Elementary School (SD) Muhammadiyah Al Mujahidin Wonosari, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta, last Thursday (04/02).

The workshop was conducted by the training for trainer model to the teachers in SD Muhammadiyah Al Mujahidin Wonosari. It aimed the participants to disseminate their knowledge to the other teachers, internally or outside Gunungkidul,” said Fajar Junaedi, the Chairman of the UMY services team.

Besides Fajar, the UMY team comprised Filosa Gita Sukmono, the Communication Studies Study Program lecturer, and Agung Hermawan, the Communication Studies students.

In the workshop, the teachers had modules to train the other teachers in internal and other schools. Fajar added that podcast utilization could improve digital assets in school that are beneficial in the pandemic and normal condition. By applying this learning concept, SD Muhammadiyah Al Mujahidin Wonosari can be a best practice for the other schools in Gunungkidul and Yogyakarta and nearby regions.

The workshop highlighted the background of podcast development as learning media in the Covid-19 pandemic period. Podcasts also have auditive, attractive characters, easy to produce, and have become preeminent factors. But unfortunately, not many schools develop this concept as learning media.

The participants directly produced podcast material for learning media. Moreover, the teachers had their accounts, and they were enthusiastic about following the workshop, especially when they understood the benefits and easy way to produce podcasts. The participant even proposed podcast production as an extracurricular as the first school that develops podcasts in the forum.

The Principals of SD Muhammadiyah Al Mujahidin Wonosari, Joko Kiswanto, explained that the workshop was advantageous for the teachers, mainly to produce a learning model in the Covid-19 pandemic era. In a pandemic, the school should adapt to digital media utilization, one of them was actively creating podcast content for the students. It includes developing multimedia learning media production,” said Joko.

UMY Facilitates Elementary School Teachers Developing Educational Podcast

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