UM Palopo Awards Scholarship for Nurtang, Silver Medalist in SEA Games

Universitas Muhammadiyah Palopo (UM Palopo) awarded a full scholarship for Nurtang on Thursday (19/05). Nurtang is a silver medalist in the 2022 SEA Games, Vietnam. The Rector of UM Palopo, Dr. Salju SE MM, granted the scholarship to this Physical Education student on the Third Floor of UM Palopo Rectorate.

In his remarks, Dr. Salju SE MM mentioned Nurtang’s contribution to the university, and even to the country. “This achievement becomes a rare accomplishment. It would encourage the other students to be more concerned about winning. I expect it can motivate her friends to compete. Therefore, we always give our maximum support,” he said, as reported on the UM Palopo site.

Furthermore, Dr. Salju also explained that this accomplishment should have a particular concern, especially for the government. “The government should guarantee all winners that bring an honor to Indonesia,” he added. He also hoped the Palopo government would appreciate more to the outstanding teenagers.

On this occasion, Nurtang received a special invitation from Unmuh Palopo academic civitas. She was accompanied by her parents to receive the scholarship. Also, tenth students and lecturers were paraded around from her house to the Rectorate. For the award, Unmuh Palopo granted her a full scholarship until the end of her academic year.

UM Palopo Awards Scholarship for Nurtang, Medalist in SEA Games

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