UM Banjarmasin Opened The Independent Student Study Services Program

Universitas Muhammadiyah Banjarmasin (UM Banjarmasin) opened the Student Study Service (KKN) Program, last Monday (9/8). The Institute for Research and Student Study Service (LPPM) of UM Banjarmasin opened the agenda via Zoom Meeting themed “The Community Empowerment towards Indonesia without Covid-19”. Dr. Apt M Anshari SSi MM, Head of LPPM and Chief Executive of Independent KKN, attended to give the report. Afterwards, the Rector of UM Banjarmasin, Prof Dr. H Ahmad Khairuddin MAg, also attended to deliver a speech and opened the agenda officially.

Dr M Anshari reported about the Independent Student Study Service implementation. KKN aimed to develop the students’ cognitive and social awareness. “Moreover, as in Regular KKN, Independent KKN also aimed to support the development process in the community. Therefore, the self-image and real performance of the students from KKN participants would be the benchmark,” he said. The benchmark includes were two of Tri dharma ‘three values’ of higher education institutions, namely education, and research. He hoped that the two values already existed in each individual.

Afterwards, Prof Khairuddin in his speech exposed the theme of the program. “By the theme implementation, we can see the output expected by the program. He hoped UM Banjarmasin students could be their alma mater reflections,” he said as reported in the university official site. It means that students’ responsibilities in KKN could be benefited the community. [] Diktilitbang

UM Banjarmasin Opened Student Study Service Program

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