MSPP Batch IV Encourages Cadres In Global Diasporas

After a three-month English proficiency improvement program, Muhammadiyah Scholarship Preparation Program (MSPP) Batch IV officially held a closing agenda on the PPPPTK Building for Arts and Culture of Yogyakarta, Tuesday (11/01). The total of MSPP participants was 46 people with two different placements. Twenty-four participants studied in UM Yogyakarta, and twenty-two participants were in UM Surakarta.

“Besides learning to get a higher IELTS score, we also learned about the research plan arrangement and were informed about the preparation to study abroad,” said Alfalisyado, the Chief of UMS team. Meanwhile, Gilang Rusadi, the Chief of the UMY group added various agendas followed by participants, including tahsin (improvement) and tahfidz (memorization) Al-Qur’an, Preaching, tahajjud prayer, Sharing session, individual learning, and many others.

There are two concepts of the program, the achievement and commitment as Muhammadiyah cadres. “You all are a part of Muhammadiyah, so you should understand about Muhammadiyah, especially Muhammadiyah values such as Islam Wasathiyah (moderate Islam) and others,” said Dr Ari Anshori MAg, the Chairman of Muhammadiyah Council for Cadre Education.

Prof Lincolin Arsyad was proud of the 46 participants who followed the program. “There are three participants who get Letter of Acceptance (LoA) in England and New Zealand. Hopefully, other participants will follow,” said Prof Lincolin, the Chairman of Muhammadiyah Council for Higher Education, Research, and Development (CHERD). He also prompted the participants to keep working on the study abroad preparation. MSPP Batch 4 should be scattered globally to pursue a higher degree, and it is evidence that Muhammadiyah has high qualified cadres.

The founding fathers of Muhammadiyah were persons with large-scope educational backgrounds so that Muhammadiyah cadres that follow MSPP could conduct diaspora and are crucial for its development. “One of the Muktamar (Congress) mandates is to continue the Muhammadiyah internationalization programs so that hopefully, MSPP participants will develop that particular programs,” said dr. Agus Taufiqurrahman, the Chairman of Muhammadiyah Central Board, in MSPP closing ceremony.

MSPP Batch IV Encourages Cadres In Global Diasporas

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