Umsida Hosts National Meeting of Medical Faculty MHEIs

Universitas Muhammadiyah Sidoarjo (Umsida) hosted a national meeting (Rakornas) for the Medical Faculty establishment organized by the Muhammadiyah Council for Higher Education, Research, and Development (CHERD). The meeting was located in Mas Mansyur Hall, 7th Floor, First Campus, Sidoarjo on Monday (15/08).

The Rector of Umsida, Dr. Hidayatulloh, MSi warmly welcomed all participants and appreciated the trust to host the National Meeting. “Welcome to Umsida, alhamdulillah, on this morning, we can gather in the Mas Mansyur Hall to follow the coordination meeting to establish Medical and Dentistry faculty, and Medical Specialist organized by CHERD, located in Umsida,” Dr. Hidayatulloh delivered his remarks.

On this occasion, the Chairman of CHERD, Prof Dr. Lincolin Arsyad MSc opened the meeting and invited all participants to discuss the establishment of the Medical Faculty of Muhammadiyah – ‘Aisyiyah Higher Education Institutions (MHEIs) in detail.

He also mentioned that it could be an opportunity to exchange information among MHEIs to establish the Medical Faculty and have the potential for further development. “Here, I tell you that the institutions that we invite have prepared the requirements to establish a Medical Faculty, at least halfway,” Prof Lincolin said.

Furthermore, Prof Lincolin Arsyad also highlighted that to establish the Medical Faculty, good intention is not enough. “I hope you can prepare well in your institutions, so we can measure the opportunities and challenges to open the Medical faculty. Also, good luck. Here, you should present your preparation result. I expect that you, at least, will understand all preparation for the Medical faculty establishment. If you only have good intentions, it will not be enough, but I tell you once more, doctor, hospital, and building,” he added.

In addition, the Vice Deputy of CHERD, Prof Dr. Edy Suandi Hamid MEC mentioned that doctors in remote areas are urgently needed. For this reason, the distribution of medical science graduates to remote areas is necessary. “(In Java), we have numerous doctors. The problem is not in the quantity but the lack of supply. By using the data, we have enough doctors in Indonesia, however, there is a distribution problem by only focusing on Java. In the latest data, only Jakarta has a sufficient amount of doctors, the other regions still lack of supply,” he said.

Umsida Hosts National Meeting for Medical Faculty Establishment in MHEIs

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