UMMU Welcomes Students Back From Third Batch of International Program

The Rector of Universitas Muhammadiyah Maluku Utara (UMMU), Prof. Dr. Saiful Deni welcomes 10 students back to UMMU from Student Community Service (KKN) and International internship program in Thailand located on the second floor, the UMMU Rectorate Building. The welcoming ceremony of the third batch of the International program was also attended by the Vice Rector and all academic civitas, including the Head of Institutes, the Dean, and the Head of Study Programs. It was opened by presenting the documentary video of KKN and the International Internship Program from Ternate to Thailand and all activities in the process. In his remarks, the Rector warmly welcomed the students who had followed a one-month program in Thailand. “Remarkable! UMMU became the first MHEIs that moved forward in sending their students after the pandemic struck,” he said.

He continued that in the 5.0 era, various competitions were waiting ahead. Several international collaborations with other countries, including Korea, have been postponed due to the pandemic. “I hope it will get better. Because currently, UMMU has the highest international networks and collaborations in North Maluku and it becomes a prideful achievement of ours,” he added.

On this occasion, the students also presented the program during their community service and internship. It was diverse due to eight different schools for ten students to conduct the program.

The International Program is the collaborative program between UMMU and the Association of Education Cultural International (AECI) Krabi, South Thailand. “Alhamdulillah, we have entered the last stage of these programs. Yesterday, we started from Ternate to Jakarta on 29 June, and on 30 June, we were invited to the Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Cultural Affairs (PMK) for the discussion,” said Faujia Umasigi, the Head of International Office UMMU.

The other positive news from the current internship program was the student produced a module entitled “The Indonesian History and Culture in the Thai language” that has been socialized and submitted to each school in Thailand. Afterward, the official launching of the module at this welcoming ceremony also involved the associated parties. “The report will be designed by the participants and should be submitted to the Research and Community Service Institute. The conservation scores of the programs, as expressed earlier, included two scores for both community service and internship program,” she added.

UMMU Welcomes Students Back From Third Batch of International Program

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