Firing Trials Concert of UAD Merapi Missile

Merapi Missile from CIRNOV Research Center Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (UAD) collaborates with Army Research and Development Office (Dislitbangad) reconducted Firing Trials in shooting range of Area Weapon Range (AWR) Air Force, Pandanwangi, Lumajang, Monday-Tuesday (27-28/12). The firing trials “2021 Year-End Concert” were collaborative works between CIRNOV and PT Dahana Company including the Aeronautical Technology Research Center of National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN). The Merapi missile was the first missile created by the Indonesian people independently with the fire and forget technology– a missile that does not require further guidance after launch.

The program would evaluate the performance of every subsystem of a missile to missile technology mastery development, missile performance improvement, and output research preparation for the industry. The Quality Assurance (QA) process has been conducted strictly. The evaluation comprised the performance of the booster rockets, fin-tail and canard aerodynamics, seekers with an infrared, launched tube, and many others.

The firing trials result shows that the high consistency is related to the booster rockets, besides the 3.000 meters distance to the target. “ It is important for a basic reference in other synchronized subsystems from the whole missile,” said Prof Hariyadi as the team leader of CIRNOV. Also, the canard and fin-tail could open properly after launch in the launched tube to the target area marked with flare or an infrared light source brought by the flying drone. The firing trials result shows that all missile components were able to hold G-shock in 20G that occurs when the missile out from the launcher tube. The CIRNOV team, PT Dahana, Aeronautical Technology Research Center of BRIN, Dislitbangad, and Army Polytechnic of Indonesian Army Education, Training and Doctrine Command (Poltekad Kodiklatad).

Firing Trials Concert of UAD Merapi Missile

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